Hello world!

After many years of hesitation, I finally decided to make a coming out:

serious mathematics is very difficult!

While mathematics has been very important both in my personal and professional life, I feel that I didn’t understand it enough.

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, then, I decided to start again from scratch (or almost).

I’m an assistant professor at UCB now and the time to review fundamental topics in mathematics is not so much anymore, given my professional duties (research, teaching, service to the community).

Anyway, I’m not in a rush and I think that it makes sense for me to do it. This blog is the journal of this journey.

Berkeley, March 2019.

Author: CarmineCella

Carmine-Emanuele Cella is a weekend-pilot; he wanted to be a mathematician but he ended up in writing music that nobody understands. Freud would say about him that he received too much love during his infancy but his psychologist just says that he should accept himself as he is. He loves life and he teaches at the University of California, Berkeley.

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